We are a group of ex-traders who feel passionately about educating the public about gambling and the what goes on behind the scenes. We believe that gambling should be about entertainment at its core but having more knowledge of the way the system works will allow the user to make better decisions and ultimately more fun.

We understand that gambling has become more socially acceptable in recent times and have seen first hand the demographic of users change from predominantly older males to a younger, very slight more mixed bag.  This change in customer base has led to bookmakers changing there approach to the end user and we feel that we should be there to support that change by giving them a chance.

Although we have working in the betting and gaming industry for a large number of years cumulatively, we still understand that we do not have all the answers and are happy to welcome feedback or other insight. Our contact us page is there for a reason so if you wish to write for the page or just want to give us a heads up, please do not hesitate to let us know.

So now you know a little bit about what drives us, let us get on with it. Thank you for visiting and we want to let you know we will be adding a lot more functionality and content soon, so please come back often.

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Team Betting Wealth